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Sustainably connecting the world of Aluminium

Bathco About Us

Bathco has built an international reputation as a vital service provider to the Aluminium industry for raw materials and equipment used in Aluminium electrolysis. Our vision is to be the most reliable, high quality and resourceful partner for Aluminium related raw materials worldwide.

Bathco is privately owned with sales offices in Switzerland and China. Our neutrality within the supply chain affords us the ability to partner with any supplier and contract with any consumer. This enables us to balance supply and demand on a global scale. We are uniquely qualified to objectively assist our clients in optimizing their processes and reducing operating expenses.

Our unique industry position, extensive experience and global resources enable us to provide flexible, responsive solutions that are cost effective and easily managed while adhering to the highest standards of ethics, social responsibility and environmental impact. Bathco offers short- and long-term contracts as well as spot buys. Our experience not only includes a long track record of assisting startups, but also a history of accepting varying levels of quality in Bath Material. We have strength in taking alternative and special quality Bath Material and processing it in a way to find a suitable buyer.

With guidance from the management team, Bathco is committed to excellence. We partner with and serve like-minded others within the industry to cooperatively lead the way forward with the highest standards of corporate citizenship.