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Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR Corporate Social Responsibility

Bathco fosters a work environment and culture that believes in being a responsible global corporate citizen. We believe our company’s actions encourage our employees and our clients to make a positive impact on the world. We believe sustainability in economic, ecologic and social environments is an integral part of value chain creation. And it has to be at the center of everything we do.

Bathco has identified three core pillars of our CSR philosophy:
The Health and Safety of our Employees
Reduction of our Environmental Impact
Well-directed Sustainable Humanitarian Projects

Health and Safety
Our principal belief is that all injuries, occupational illnesses and environmental or community incidents are preventable. Our goal is to minimize and eliminate these accidents. At Bathco, every employee is empowered with the responsibility to stop work and find a solution in the event of an unsafe situation. Zero Harm is our ultimate objective.

Reduce the Environmental Impact
At Bathco, we’re taking steps to offset our carbon footprint with our CO2 initiative .
We recycle whenever possible. We reduce, including implementing a paperless office, as much as possible. We see this effort as an ongoing process of improvement. And have taken a holistic look at reducing our impact in all aspects of our business. Including transportation/shipping, office/managment and operations.

Sustainable Humanitarian Projects
We believe being a responsible global corporate citizen means affecting change wherever we can make a difference. Since Bathco has operations in many second and third world countries where basic needs are not guaranteed, we decided to do our part locally. One of the most pressing needs in these areas is access to clean drinking water. Clean drinking water is not available to everyone and we want to help change that fact. As one of our Sustainable Humanitarian Projects, Bathco believes in working directly with local communities to provide assistance with building water wells. We engage local communities near where we operate and help educate people on how to improve their living quality, to operate wells and promote better hygiene. Working directly with these communities ensures low overhead costs and ensures sustainability for the best results.

Bathco’s Corporate Social Responsibility Team
In addition to their daily responsibilities, a number of Bathco employees are part of our internal Corporate Social Responsibility team. Our CSR team is comprised of a diverse group of our workers from all divisions of our company. To ensure that our CSR initiatives are implemented in the best possible way, our team has equal male and female representation and is composed of workers in either staff sections or line functions. They are assigned an ample amount of time for their CSR activities. The CSR team reports directly to the CEO and convenes quarterly to set initiatives, targets and to review accomplishments. Regular meetings of the CSR team are held to ensure that all targets are being reached. As a company, Bathco is continuously providing CSR educational opportunities that many of our employees attend and gain insight from on a regular basis.

The CSR Team is responsible for the following:

  • Our Zero Harm educational program
  • A fire safety program (controls and audits).
  • Updating and upgrading internal rules of behavior at the processing facilities.
  • Sustainable improvement of the working conditions through open talks with top management.
  • Promotion of environmental awareness by providing internal program and workshops.
  • Encouraging participation in recycling programs.
  • Initiating, evaluating, planning and rating the humanitarian projects Bathco supports.

The order of the above list is not intended to imply priority to the responsibilities of the CSR team. All responsibilities are equally important.

The CSR team also enables and ensures an open attitude for all of our stakeholders. Promoting internal diversity in culture and nationality, as Bathco aspires to be an enabler of a multi-cultural working environment. The team supports Bathco’s stance against child labor (and those that engage in it including suppliers and clients of all kinds).

Additionally, every employee in the company is empowered to propose improvements and ideas for ecologic, social and economic sustainability to the CSR team.